"I just don’t understand?" "Why doesn’t she listen?"  "Why can’t I get through to him?"  "Why do we have such a difficult time communicating?"  "I wish I could work out why being together is so difficult?"

The Behavior Factor is a subsidiary of The Behavior Firm. 


I am not a psychologist, or a psychiatrist but am a certified BEHAVIORAL SKILLS ANALYST 
and with an understanding of behavior patterns though various tests, feel that 
relationships with others can improve.

Here's a solution...

After more than 12 years as a Behavioral Skills Analyst I have found that the most effective people are those who understand that our behavior pattern is a necessary and integral part of who we are. 

Much of our behavior is inherent and much comes from our upbringing and environment. 

Our ability to interact effectively with people may be the difference between a successful relationship and one that constantly chafes “like sandpaper rubbing together”. 

Effective interaction starts with an accurate perception of ourselves - how we see ourselves, what motivates us and how we understand our behavioral patterns. Understanding our behavior teaches us to understand the difference in others. 

The key to solving a difficult relationship is to identify the natural sensual behavior you bring to an interpersonal relationship and recognize the behavior in the other person(s).

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"In order to understand our relationships with others, we must first understand ourselves."

-Bill J Bonnstetter

Seymour Englander

Here's a problem....

We're writers, actors, producers, casting directors, agents... all in the movie business, a stressful, different, world-apart business and either our close relationships are with others in the same business with the same stresses and artistic make-up, or with those in other businesses who kind-of-don't-get-it. 

The Behavior Factor

​The Behavior Factor